P. Steve Ramirez Vocational Training Centers Mission


P. Steve Ramirez Vocational Training Centers is a faith based organization that provides broad based vocational training, directed toward enhancing success in preparing for and securing marketable skills for the open labor market. The Centers are committed to the vocational development of each student, providing an assisted learning environment sensitive to individual differences and needs.


P. Steve Ramirez Vocational Training Centers Vision Statement


To create career empowerment facilities that are assisting individuals to improve their lives. To provide hope and light.

P. Steve Ramirez Vocational Training Centers Identity


We are an empowered team of management, employees and faculty who are passionately committed to assisting individuals with their vocations. We are ethical and innovative in fulfilling our mission.

P. Steve Ramirez Vocational Training Centers Core Values


Inspirational: We provide inspiration, empowerment and a message of hope and light.

Passionate: We are passionately committed to the mission of the company of assisting every student with a career empowering opportunity.

Employment: We strive to work together to provide employment opportunities for our communities through our vocational training centers.


Service: We provide services in a caring and professional manner.


P. Steve Ramirez, M.S. is a leading vocational expert and return to work counselor (VRTWC) and the President of P. Steve Ramirez Vocational Training Centers. He has been providing vocational services since 1990. He holds a Master of Science Degree from Fresno State University and has an Anthony Robbins Mastery University, Certification of Completion of System. ”Mastery University is the most advanced system you'll find for taking command of the many aspects of life." He is a cancer Survivor, diagnosed with cancer in 1999, beat the affliction to return to continue as a vocational counselor and become a top leader in the industry.

P. Steve Ramirez Vocational Training Centers strives to provide motivated students with a quality Vocational Education that prepares them for a technologically advanced working environment.

We are committed to the success of our

students and to the continual improvement of our programs.

Our mission is to convey to students hope and light through vocational education.


We endeavor to sustain these course offerings by developing an operational environment that is professionally managed, competently supervised, continually evaluated and appropriately modified and therefore kept current.

P. Steve Ramirez Vocational Training Centers' team members are passionate about providing outstanding vocational education services and provide students with the potential they need to succeed.