P. Steve Ramirez Vocational Training Centers


Computerized Accounting (English) (direct and distance)
16 weeks
This program focuses primarily on teaching students Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word, including automated accounting
system software. The student will go through the complete accounting cycle and gain knowledge of spreadsheets and
bookkeeping software. The student will learn what debits and credits are, and know their normal account balance based on its
classification on the chart of accounts. Use of the general journal and how to post entries to the general ledger, prepare a trial
balance, and prepare financial statements. QuickBooks Accounting Software will be used to achieve this. The program
objectives are to provide the student with the skills and knowledge to work in an entry-level position as a full charge
Bookkeeper, Accounts Receivable Clerk, Accounts Payable Clerk, or Records Clerk.
Computerized Office/General Office Clerk - English Only (direct and distance)
16 weeks


Computerized Office/General Office Clerk - Spanish (with English as a Second Language) (direct and distance)


This program focuses primarily on teaching students the business uses of Microsoft Office targeting Word and Excel applications along with QuickBooks 2021 Online Fundamentals. In this course students will be introduced to general computer basics, usages, and applications thereof and processing. Students will be introduced to the World Wide Web and its different usages of various search engines effective and efficient Google search creating. Students will gain the knowledge and skill of Emailing practices using Outlook launcher for the current Business market. This course will introduce the students to the utmost used areas of the “Ribbon” and its functions for Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets. This will help Students in the workforce, gaining knowledge and skill to create an attractive Word document(s) and or Spreadsheet(s) for day-to-day Business practices.


Medical Billing & Coding (English) (distance)
This program prepares the student to work in the field of medical billing. The student will become familiar with the language
of medicine in connection with the human body, the coding system utilized for medical billing, and will learn the health
insurance industry, legal and regulatory responsibilities, reimbursement methodologies, common billing practices and
computer fundamentals for the medical office. The student will learn computerized medical billing, proper claim form
preparation and submission, payment processing, collections and financial reporting. This course will train students to work
in a medical office environment using the latest medical office software. Students will work with the CPT 2022 and
SimCharts, which are generic electronic medical records systems, to help students prepare to work with commercial software
systems used in medical offices today. This will include how to enter patient information, demographics, charges, how to
post patient and insurance payments in the billing program, how to collect patient payments and how to run billing related

Voice Activated Systems (Spanish/English) (distance and direct)
This is an introductory course in the operation of the computer system using voice commands. Designed for students with
hand injuries or physical limitations that prohibit them from using a computer in the usual manner. The student will learn to
use a voice-activated application to assist in overcoming physical impairments or work restrictions. The course requires the
student to spend time training the software to recognize their voice patterns. Their voice patterns will be utilized to operate
the computer system and its functions. This course is available to qualified clients only, and requires the special approval
from the sponsoring agency


Administrative Assistant - Customer Service Representative (English) (distance)
This course provides students with real world examples of Administrative Assistant/Customer Service Clerk that they can
utilize in both the self-employment sector and the open labor market. Program Objectives Students will learn workforce
behaviors, communication essentials, professional responsibilities and grown records and financial management. Students
will also learn the customer service workforce environment, learn about global customers, providing exceptional customer
service, customer service strategy, critical workplace skills, problem solving, extreme customers and customer retention.

Truck Driving (English)                                                                                                    

Price: $4,500.00                                         

Tuition: $3,850.00

Registration Fee: $250

Physical Exam, Drug Test, Hazmat Test, DMV Test & Books: $400

Classroom training consists of 40 hours of training material including 20 hours of classroom instruction and provides the student with knowledge of the trucking industry, Department of Transportation Safety, Drivers Log Book and preparation for DMV Commercial Driver’s License Permit written examination.

Field training consists of 120 hours of training material including 90-hours of hands-on field instruction using both cab over and conventional tractors with various trailers. The student will learn the skills necessary to become a safe entry-level truck driver DOT Title: Tractor-Trailer Driver, and the driving skills to take the Class A California Commercial Driver’s License.

$1,000.00 - Other Expenses Required by the School (Lodging) –

Applicable for Field Training if student does not live within 90-mile radius of the school.


Administrative Assistant - Customer Service Representative - Omni (English)

Computerized Accounting - Omni (English)

Medical Billing & Coding - Omni (English)